of 100 men,one will read the bible;

ninety-nine will read the Christian

-D.l. moody

How amazing is it that when you give of your time, talents, and treasure, you end up GETTING more than you GAVE?!

Tell us briefly about one of your experiences at a Love Crossville event or other opportunity to share the good.

"At the county egg hunt I met a lady struggling with cancer who needed assistance as she tried to keep up with her grandchildren. I felt so connected with her, a stranger, because of my experience helping my husband with his illness. I am so grateful to have learned about her--spend time with her. She encouraged me! God placed me there to help her because it turns out that I needed that time, too! --Anonymous


"Last year while picking up trash on 127 I was struck with how some of the garbage was more difficult to remove. It had become a part of the landscape--ground into the dirt or tied up in the brambles. Sometimes I walked right past it, not seeing it! That day it became so clear how much I need Jesus. He's willing to hang out in my mess until He cleans it ALL up, especially the garbage I don't want to face!" --June


"I helped complete yard work for an elderly neighbor. The church had included many of the younger children because of the safer location. These kids worked hard! They never seemed to tire, either. Their excitement and energy kept me going. One little girl did seem to "quit." Then I realized she was giving in a different way. She sat next to the lady who owned the home, and they talked, and talked, and talked! That visit was as needed as the landscaping." --Mike

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