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George Willis - Community Assistance Pastor

My name is George Willis and I have been the CF Storehouse director and pastor since it’s beginning and I have been on staff here at CF full time since 2010. My lovely wife Barbara and I have been married for 29 years. We have 2 grown sons and 7 grandchildren who we spoil shamelessly much to the chagrin of our sons and daughter-in-laws. (We seem to be helpless in this regard.) 

Movies: Castaway, Glory, Napoleon Dynamite (I know right?! What can I say I’m quirky!) The Mission (Must see older movie w/ Robert DeNiro & Jeremy Irons) Braveheart and The Patriot. 

 TV Shows: Duck Dynasty, Dancing With The Stars & The Bachelor (Both of those last 2 totally Barb’s fault) and pretty much anything on Discovery or History Channel. 60’s classics, Green Acres, Dragnet, Gilligan’s Island…… 

 Music: 60’s & 70’s Rock, Hillsong Praise & Worship, Bluegrass and old school C&W.

Hobbies: Reading and Home Projects 

Did you know?: I’ve been in over 20 countries.

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