CF Stories

Each and every one of us has a story. Every one of our stories are important. They are curcial to sharing the gospel. When you share your testimony,you are not telling a story about how you messed up or about all the bad things that have happened to you. You are making yourself a living, breathing example of God's grace. You are telling others that no matter what you have been thru or what you have done, God has always been there helping you get thru it.

Here at Cumberland Fellowship, we wanted to give everyone the oppertunity to record their stories so that others may be inspired thru them. Our prayer is that other people will see how God has moved in each of their lives, despite our imperfections, and troubles.

Below are a few of those stories. We have broken them into four catagories, Addiction, Familily, Pain, and Worry. Find the story that best lines up with what you are going thru, and wittness how God has moved in their lives, the same as He can move in yours.


Meet John Barnwell, His Story: Addiction

Meet Ashley Case, Her Story: Pain & Family



Meet Kieth Tanner, His Story: Addiction



Meet Sheryl Donathan. Her Story: Family

Meet Amy Wilson. Her story, Family.



Meet Jim Inman. His Story: Pain

Meet Gloria Wolf. Her Story: Pain

Meet Carrie Shoemanker, Her Story: Pain

Meet Becky Clark. Her Story: Pain


Meet Kathy Smoker. Her Story: Pain